Best Holiday Gifts for the Troops


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1TAC knows how hard it is for our military service personnel who are deploying during the Holidays. Stationed all over the world there is nothing harder than being away from family and loved ones, but even harder is being away during the Holidays.

1TAC brings our troops the best tactical gear for Holiday Travel this Christmas.
When our troops are traveling around the world this Holiday season we want them to stay safe with the best tactical gear they can get their hands on.

Cool It On The Care Packages
Depending on where your service member is stationed, they may not have space for a lot of stuff you send in a care package. Now is the time to talk about what your service member wants most — which will be YOU. And a bunch of other stuff that cannot go in a care package. Hear that and know that this means you are not required to send them something that will make them so happy that they will not notice they are deployed on Dec. 25. That isn’t possible. Instead, take some of the pressure off and send the little things that say you care.

5 Best Tactical Holiday Gift Ideas

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Non-deployed family members face similar challenges during this time such as experiencing higher levels of stress. During the webinar, I emphasized the importance of continuing family traditions associated with the holidays and the idea of incorporating new ones deployed family members can take part in.
Maintaining consistency and structure helps everyone who is affected by the separation, particularly are the families with younger children. If you’re a deployed parent, you might try these ideas:

** Write your child a brief letter about all the different ways they’re loved and appreciated, consider several letters to be read on different days.
** Create a holiday ornament with your child’s name on it.
** Record a reading of a favorite holiday book or story and send it to your child, which can be part of a holiday or year-round bedtime routine.
** Stay in touch through email, Skype or social media as often as possible to communicate and participate in some of the holiday activities in real time, remotely.
Holidays are like a coin; happy times on one side and stressful times on the other. To cope and enjoy the holidays I encourage you to take time out for yourself. When you are rested and free of stress, it actually helps those around you. Here are a few ideas:
** Engage in activities to help recharge your batteries and reduce stress such as exercising, going to the movies, shopping with family or friends, or getting a massage.
** Consider doing something fun as a family for your servicemember, like assembling a care package containing their favorite goodies and pictures or mementos from home.
** Get involved in volunteer opportunities in your community as this can be emotionally and spiritually rewarding.
We also need to remember to have realistic expectations and understand that no holiday celebration is perfect — we should stay focused on what’s really important to us and why the season is meaningful.